SCORPION : I see a sign in this cup – new acquaintances will appear in the financial sphere. I see a scorpion here. You have to watch over your precious belongings. BRIDE : An unexpected marriage I see here or the involvement of another woman. I see a bride in your cup. You may get surprised, but you must act quickly and listen to your heart. KNIFE : You may sacrifice welfare for the sake of the future. A hard decision has been taken. There is a knife in this sediment, and it is double-bladed. There may be success, but it will not be for free. DESK : Good things will happen to you. You will have a new job or an unexpected career growth. A desk I see in this cup, therefore you will have success in your job.

May what came to you cup come true, all of it. Luck gonna follow you like shadow. You gonna only encounter good, and evil gonna run away from you.



I see nothing here! Did you really make a wish?

Make a wish and swing you finger in da cup


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