DANCER : Disappointment and broken hopes will come to you. I find a dancer in your cup. Your life is far too uncertain and your dreams are not likely to come true for they are unrealistic. This does not mean that you will not be successful – you just want too much. BOY : You may not notice it, but your relatives are not in a good disposition towards you. I see lots of contemplation and dreaminess. Do not sign papers without taking an advice from your relatives first. SPIDER : You have wealth, earnings and profit. You may win the lottery or another game. Friends and family will bring you presents. wreath : You are undertaking a risky enterprise, but you will be lucky. Your chances are good, which must not be overlooked.

May what came to you cup come true, all of it. Luck gonna follow you like shadow. You gonna only encounter good, and evil gonna run away from you.



Well, I’m not really sure. It just might, or it just might not happen.

Make a wish and swing you finger in da cup


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