BUSH : Many problems with your career. Trouble and failure at work. Misunderstanding at work will lead to conflicts. But do not worry! If you do not lose your temper, you will solve the problem. RAVEN : Bad news is coming. It might be related to you or to someone close to you. I see a raven in your cup. It is a bad sign. The most important thing is to take them seriously. SAW : I see intervention from outside, most likely interference by magic. It may be either black or white magic, I cannot tell exactly, but for sure you will have problems. BEETLE : Trouble will arise, an obstacle may surprise you. You will need a will and wits to avoid it. You may succeed or you may fail, but you must not forget that the hardship is temporary.

May what came to you cup come true, all of it. Luck gonna follow you like shadow. You gonna only encounter good, and evil gonna run away from you.



The odds hangs in the balance.

Make a wish and swing you finger in da cup


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