DESK : A letter is coming – news from someone who is far away from you. OLD WOMAN : There is a splendid sign in this cup. It foretells a strong, hot and true love. An old woman stands here which means you will have strong feelings. You will be able to afford a trip in the company of someone you love. ROOT : I see wisdom, thoughtfulness and good upbringing in you. The root on the bottom of the cup is just like the friends you have. Your virtues will bring you only good. The sun will shine over your street and there will be joy in your eyes. MUSHROOM : Intellectual growth I see here It might be you or someone within your social circle. You will learn a lot and you will have many friends. This knowledge will help you in life.

May what came to you cup come true, all of it. Luck gonna follow you like shadow. You gonna only encounter good, and evil gonna run away from you.



I don’t mean to disappoint ya, but there no way it happens!

Make a wish and swing you finger in da cup


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