MUSIC INSTRUMENTS : Arguments await you. Great misunderstandings and broken relations with relatives, but do not be afraid – it will all end happily and tranquil life will ensue. the number 6 : Tears and quarrels in your family I see. You will have tense relations with close friends. You will manage to get out of this situation thanks to a clever person of higher rank. ROCK : You will have much luck and your plan will be successful. There will be problems with your family, though. If you are a person of reason, the things will settle nicely. OAK : A good life awaits you and family happiness, just like the oak I see here - its branches are your family and its members. You will get along very well and you will get their support.

May what came to you cup come true, all of it. Luck gonna follow you like shadow. You gonna only encounter good, and evil gonna run away from you.



I don’t mean to disappoint ya, but there no way it happens!

Make a wish and swing you finger in da cup


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