The letter E : If something troubles you, stop thinking it over - your conscience is clear. Do not fall for bad words or people talking. Do not waste your time on gossip. A walking stick under stars : A strong personality I see in you. You have a big soul and an unbending spirit. You do not give up easily and you defend your position to the end. There is a walking stick under the stars in this cup. The people around you may not always be pleased with that and sometimes they envy you and cause you trouble. BUOY : You will have hope in an almost hopeless situation. The buoy here indicates this. Your wishes will come true and your situation will improve greatly. HORSE SHOE : I see luck and success in your cup. There is a horseshoe here. You can rely on happiness. Good fortune will shine on you.

Gal, lemme tell ya fortune in da cup! I gonna see both good and bad, all I gonna tell ya!



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