VASE : You will learn something unpleasant about a friend or a relative, but don’t try to help, unless you’re asked to. There is a vase in your cup and if you are not careful it will get broken. BEE : Your plans will be successful and you may get significant promotion. I see a bee here. You have been working well and you will harvest big fruits. You will enjoy good news and deserved improvement in your work. VULCANO : Here I see that you will come to face someone’s rage or your own uncontrolled emotions. I warn you to be careful and learn to get a grip. EARRINGS : You are not finding your environment and that’s where the feeling of misunderstanding comes from. There are earrings in your cup. You are searching for new acquaintances and friendship. You will soon find your place.

Gal, lemme tell ya fortune in da cup! I gonna see both good and bad, all I gonna tell ya!



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