LAMP : There is sign of a future change in your cup. You will have a devoted partner. Do not disappoint them. Watch out for a wrongdoing by someone high-ranked. WALNUT TREE : You will have kindness and joy. You will travel to meet distant relatives and you will return an heir. The walnut tree is here and its branches point to every direction. You will inherit quite a fortune. LITTLE ANGEL : You will get news or a letter with a love confession. It may be a proposal of marriage or of a new relationship. You will have to answer quickly. Try not to break someone’s heart, but rather listen to yours. BUILDING : Something new is in store: a new place to live, a new step for you. I see some sort of building here. It is big and beautiful. You will change your life.

Gal, lemme tell ya fortune in da cup! I gonna see both good and bad, all I gonna tell ya!



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