BOW, ARROW : Happy change is coming. Some of your kin will help you win an argument. You will meet a patron. You will receive news. The bow and arrow here indicate that you will be right. It will all be solved, don’t worry. FROG : Joyful news is coming, success, luck, a nice and deep love. You may inherit a large fortune. Expect a guest from afar. The frog here shows that the news you receive will be good. HOURGLASS : Now is the time to make the final decision for what you are thinking about. Make a step forward. Do not forget that time slips away, just like the sand in the hourglass in your cup. GRid : There is someone around you, whom you do not like. You have to be careful with him/her, or he/she may harm you. The grid I see here tells me that you have to choose your friends carefully.

Gal, lemme tell ya fortune in da cup! I gonna see both good and bad, all I gonna tell ya!



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