BEE : Your plans will be successful and you may get significant promotion. I see a bee here. You have been working well and you will harvest big fruits. You will enjoy good news and deserved improvement in your work. WILLOW : A great sadness or sorrow is coming to you. You will be melancholic or day-dreaming. However, you must not forget your responsibilities. Do not submit to the circumstances. OCTOPUS : Dangers are lurking around. There is an octopus with many legs here. You are surrounded from all sides, so you have a lot of decisions to make. HEN : You do not do well. Your decisions are not well-thought. You act foolishly and that may lead to material losses and failure. You cannot win unless you get yourself back on the right path again.

Gal, lemme tell ya fortune in da cup! I gonna see both good and bad, all I gonna tell ya!



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